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Main Parts: feeder, milling box, fan, frame , Triangle belt , belt pulley, bearing, regulator, screen etc.

Work Principle: Start motor, belt pulley of the motor drives the belt and bearing of rice machine to rotate. Paddy in feeder will be carried to inner rice milling box  by rotated bearing. Paddies in milling box  squeezed by bearing ,screen and themselves. Almost every paddy is milling to husked rice and be whiten at this step. Then bran will be blow out by fan ,come into the bran bag we provided. without shell and bran , husked rice will get through screen and come to discharge port of the milling box. As for broken rice,it will get through the screen on discharge port and be separated from whole rice.

Application: paddy , sorghum, millet

Target customers:farmer, grain supply centre, rice processing factory, retailers, wholesalers.

Characters and Advantages: It is easy to operate. Milling machine running well after a little adjustment of regulator. So it is suitable for user without experience of using rice mill. It’s popular  for the structure of rice mill is simple ,user can change parts and maintain it easily . We manufacture and supply all the parts, distributors can trust us and build a long time cooperation relationship with us! No need to worry about our supply ability, we manufacture over 5000 set rice mills a month. The shelling rate of it is over 95% and broken rice rate is lower than 15%. Rice processed by it is popular by rice merchants. It’s bladeless rice milling machine, no need for changing rice mill blade, using lifespan is longer than normal one.

And it is very suitable for long grain rice ,such Thai rice ,this advantage made it turn to be a best seller in Thailand market.

Main parameters:

Model No




Rated power


Roller Diameter




Spindle speed


Net weight

36kg (without motor)



Structure style of rice mill


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