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9FC21 grinding machine is a widely used grain grinder. It can grind corn ,bean, chili, wheat, cassava, black pepper, sorghum, turmeric, spice etc.  It is popular in Asian, African, American because it can process many crops in the world . Besides ,it is easy to operate and maintain due to the simple structure.

Besides single grinding machine we always combine 9FC21 with rice mills. Because customers always need milling rice and grinding grain. And combined machine use one motor drive two machine ,more economical.

Usually 2.2 KW electric motor is a idea power for this model. We can also change the frame of the machine so customers can install 3-5 Hp diesel and gasoline engine.

We manufacture and supply accessories of this machine. Welcome distributors and agent all over the world.

We provide 1.2mm and 2mm mesh for customers with machine. Another size mesh shows on picture can be customized . 

Main parameters:

Model No




Rated power

1.8-2.2 kw



Spindle speed


Net weight

33kg (without motor)



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